We help fitness + wellness entrepreneurs craft the brand + website of their dreams.

We are passionate about creating incredible brands and knockout websites for fitness and wellness entrepreneurs. Because let’s be real, standing out in an industry as saturated as the world of wellness is a full-time job. At Brandt Creative Co. we take the stress off and help you finally reach your ideal client. With research, strategy, and a whole lot of personality, we take the pain out of tech and build a custom website that not only looks spectacular but converts your leads into paying clients.

That’s right: design work that puts money back in your pocket.

Hey, I’m Tatum

Founder + Lead Designer at Brandt Creative Co.

As an award-winning designer, I love working with fellow go-getters (like you) to help bring your vision to life whether it’s a gorgeous new brand or a powerful new website.

Some non-business fun facts:
– My drink of choice is a dirty chai latte
– I live on the beach but every vacation I hit the road and camp in the mountains.
– I ran an ultramarathon just for kicks.

Our Process


Audrey merrill

Business Manager + Organization Queen

Fun facts:
-Just purchased my first home
-In free time I like to sew
-Had surgery on both of my shoulders
-Couldn’t swallow a pill until middle school 🤷🏼‍♀️
-I still have not given into coffee

I hold my degree in advertising and sales from Western Kentucky University. I have worked professionally in sales and customer service for 2 separate Fortune 500 companies since graduation. I have also worked as the business manager for Brandt Creative co. Since April 2018. Taking the skills I have learned through my schooling and in my professional life and combing them with my love for all things organized and color-coded I have found the perfect fit here.

Amanda Laurence

Developer + WordPress Guru

Fun facts:
-I’m from Canada, but moved to Florida cause the weather is better! 
-I love to read! I try to read at least 200 books a year.
– I love coffee, but only Tim Hortons which I fly in from Canada!

For over 10 years I have had the honor of working with amazing people to build great businesses. I’m passionate about helping clients thrive and reach their goals, through beautiful, strategic online presences. My background in User Experience Design and development. Which means that I put the needs of the user before anything else to build the best solutions for our clients.  I love working with an amazing team that is full of passion for what we do, and I have found that in Brandt Creative Co.

eric thomas

SEO Specialist + Genius

-Going to the beach

I’m passionate about helping brands build an irresistible online presence. I do this by meeting the client right where they are, assessing their business goals, and developing a strategy that helps those goals come to fruition. I’ve been crafting bespoke digital solutions for brands for going on 5 years now and enjoy doing it every day. Some brands I have left my digital thumbprint on are Humana, Mosquito Joe, Neighborly (and their portfolio of 24 brands), and Barstool Sports… just to name a few.

hannah ray

Collateral Designer + Illustration Pro

Fun Facts:
– I love coffee. My favorite is an Iced Vanilla Latte from Alfred.
– I doodle for fun in my free time
– My favorite smell is ocean mixed with sand and sunscreen
– My favorite movie is Princess Diaries
– I’m terrified of space

I graduated from Western Kentucky University in May of 2019 with a degree in Advertising (Branding). I have always had a passion for design and being creative. I love to express brands and aesthetic through design.  Although design isn’t my full time job, I love it too much to not do it at all. So that’s why I’ve loved being on the team at Brandt Creative Co. Getting to design beautiful assets for clients and seeing them share their end results just make it that much better! It’s really great knowing I can use my talents to help someone grow their business and following.

Chelsea Lennox

Developer + Web Design Expert

Fun Facts:

  • I’m from beautiful British Columbia
  • I’ve traveled to 20 countries (Spain is probably my fave!)
  • McDonald’s fries are my weakness
  • I’m a bit of a personal finance geek

Hey, I’m Chelsea! In between sips of coffee and making the world a more beautiful place (one website at a time!), you can find me traveling with my husband, sharing popcorn with my 70 pound lap dog, binging all sorts of podcasts and hiking for views.

eric thomas

SEO Specialist + Genius

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