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Showing up on social with your brand might be one of the most vital things you can do to build brand recognition and grow a community 🥂Easier said than done though, right?

Before you go plaster your logo all over every post, let’s talk about some quick and dirty tips that will actually create cohesion and brand awareness. ⠀

1: Utilize creative resources like Canva. I highly recommend investing in Canva for work so you can use your custom fonts and graphic styles! Still stuck? Check out some of our killer Canva templates available for sale in the brand shop.

2: Pick 4-5 types of content that are aligned with who you are and what your brand represents, and cycle through these. If you’re showing up one day preaching about self-love💕, then post pics of your dog,🐶 followed by a vacation selfie🌴, then- well you get it. We love your dog, I promise, but maybe keep him in the story unless he’s a part of your personal brand.

3: Download VSCO or Lightroom Mobile and pick a couple of filters that are in line with your brand aesthetic ✨ A good rule of thumb is to choose filters similar to your brand colors- whether this is dark and moody or light and bright 🙌🏼⠀

And friend, I know it sounds good to say you’re #nofilter – but let’s be real, it’s not great for the grid. You can be authentic and still #hellabranded!⠀

4: Appreciate negative space 🖤 Break up some of your photo-heavy content! Whether this is a pretty flat lay, a minimal quote block, or a pic of the sky that captures your vibe just right 👌🏼 This breaks up your grid and makes it super fresh to look at 🎉⠀

5: Plan it out. Plan that grid in advance! I use Plann and Tailwind for Instagram

Apply some of these tips to your grid? Tag me @brandtcreativeco and let me see!

get the free guide to rock
your brand on instagram

yes, please!

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