the gamechanger template

the firestarter template


YES. I’m creating these to be super simple to use yet on the most powerful website platform so you have the best of both worlds. This is also why utilized beta testers to test the template before they go live: so I made sure to address any pain points they discovered that I missed!

If you’re a slower learner or have never built a website before, I offer installation and even template buildouts. You can even book walkthough calls, so we can hold your hand as much as you need us to.

The cool thing about these website templates is that they come in three different packages and prices depending on what you need. AKA: you only have to pay for what you need! 

The standard site package includes: 

Pages: Home About Testimonials Services/Programs Contact Custom Forms  Legal Pages 404 Search Results Popups Header & Footer

You can add on blogging, if needed, which includes:

Blog Page (3 different styles) Post Page (3 different styles) Featured posts section to showcase on other pages Sidebar section (2 different styles) Vlog/Youtube section design

You can also add on the ability to sell on site with the e-commerce add-on:

Shop Page (2 designs) Sales Page to generate leads Product Page Design Header option with cart Stripe + Paypal integration Affiliate links section Testimonial slider


Other cool add-ons:

  • Installation (this gives you a free Elementor Pro license)
  • Walkthrough Call
  • Template buildout to have everything done for you

If you’re not sure what you need yet, you can absolutely start small and purchase the add-ons seperately at a later time! This is seriously created to serve you and help you meet your goals.! If you’re a little scared of wordpress, I totally get it. It can be confusing if you don’t have the right tools and instructions. But with these templates I give you the tools to make creating your website as easy (easier) than Wix and Squarespace with 10x (at least) the power. More info on why I use WordPress here:

 I will have a video walking you through all the steps to get you from square one (not owning a domain or website) to launching your website. There will be instructions for how to purchase a domain and hosting if you don’t already have this. If you’re transferring from another provider, I will have links to articles by your specific provider to walk you through how to transfer things over!

If you don’t have a domain, I will show you how to set this up. The cost of one domain ( is typically $12/year!, unlike Squarespace or Showit, is totally free, all you have to purchase is hosting. I have a video that shows you how to purchase your hosting, which is only $5/month (seriously so much cheaper than anything else!) The only other cost is the website builder which allows you to drag and drop your way to a beautiful website! This is only $4/month. 

These costs may seem like a lot at first, but combined they are all cheaper and more powerful than Squarespace, Showit, or Wix plans. 

YES! Included with the templates are multiple color palettes and free font options to make your template match your style. Already have a brand? It’s super easy to insert your own color palettes and fonts into the template so it customized to you.

book a template buildout


 Choose one of our templates you love and fill out the application form


Fill out the content needed forms and send over all your branding and photography


We send you a link to your newly built site and you receive forms to send back any revisions you have


Launch your incredible website! You can also book web management and tech support or onsite SEO.